Top 20 Reasons Why We Love Being Green Acres LTPs!

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Top 20 Reasons Why We Love Being Green Acres LTPs!
  1. We get to interact with almost everyone at camp
  2. There are opportunities to volunteer
  3. Tie Dye!
  4. It gives us a better understanding of what it’s like to work with children
  5. I can use this leadership experience both and camp and in the future
  6. The Wahanowin trip is so much fun
  7. Brian and Lauren are amazing Head Staff
  8. We have a chance to try out a variety of camp activities
  9. There is time set aside for to bond as a unit outside of our placements (lunchtime, workshops, LTP socials)
  10. I know that every day we are helping campers and staff
  11. It’s our home away from home
  12. It’s where we belong, it’s where we make friends, where everyone gets along (get it?)
  13. Spirit Rallies are a lot of fun
  14. We get to try things that you normally wouldn’t be able to (ie. Kangoo)
  15. We make a lot of new friends here
  16. There is no discrimination or bullying
  17. We make friends that will last a lifetime
  18. So many memories are made here
  19. Wahanowin trips are so much fun
  20. Theme Days!
Written by LTP: Sydney Chan, Mack Kalish, Peter Konstas, and Yuval Olsha _MG_0575 _MG_0901 _MG_0307 _MG_9703IMG_6691
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