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July 2015

LTP and Terrace Gardens visit

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On Thursday July 30th, the LTPs had some very special visitors come to Camp GA. A group of residents from Terrace Gardens, a Revera retirement living residence in Toronto, spent the afternoon with our unit taking part in crafts, dancing, and a lovely wagon ride around the camp. Campers took the opportunity to engage in conversation with our visitors and their support staff, who had many interesting stories and life experiences to share. Many stated that our guests were life-changing and had a very real impact on them. We hope that our Senior friends felt the same way. The weather was perfect and the day could not have been more successful for all parties. It was a pleasure to have Terrace Gardens visit us here at camp and we look forward to hosting them again next summer.

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!

(LTP Unit Head)

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80’s Theme day

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The Buffalo unit was a blast from the past today. Jakob from Cabin 24 says “I have seen funky costumes!” Campers to counsellors and head staff had fun while sporting neon clothes, big hair and bandanas. Some of our buffalo friends even came to cam with different coloured hair. Jakob says “I can’t wait for the next theme day!”

– By Carson and Jakob from Cabin 24


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The Bears Have an Overnight

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Overnights are some of the best experiences of Green Acres. So many new opportunities and experiences are only available then: specially themed activities, new chances to bond with your cabin and unit friends, special campfire moments, even a night under the bright glowing stars. This is an experience that I would not miss for the world

– Elison liu




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MyCAMP is a fun program that allows the campers to participate in a variety of activities catered to their interests. Performing arts, visual arts, sports and gifted talents are some of the specialties offered. MyCAMP, My Way!

– Bailey, Head of MyCamp


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Candy Land Theme Day and Theatre Play

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As we reach the final days of session 2 at Camp G.A. they only keep getting sweeter and sweeter! On Thursday July 23rd, campers from all over were dressed up for the Candy Land theme day. Kids were dressed up as skittles, kisses, M&M’s and so much more. Bears and eagles were dressed in their finest fairytale attire for the big performance of the fabulous Shrek 2 play. Units from all over and parents came to watch and support their fellow campers/ children for their big theatrical debut.

– Jess and Abigail, Cabin 63, Eagles

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Jump Rope for Heart

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Today at Green Acres, campers and staff had the opportunity to participate in Jump Rope for Heart. The camp gathered on the soccer field to jump rope and raise funds for the Heart and Stroke foundation, a very worthy cause. Representatives from the organization spoke to the entire camp about what our participation means to them and the event was capped off with everyone doing the camp dance. Everyone had a great time!

– Lauren, LTP Head

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Our 50th Anniversary and Eddy’s Story

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Eddy grew up in Niagara, he couldn’t afford to go to a day camp however he heard from all his friends about how amazing camp was and how much fun they had. When he was 14 Eddy started working, he went to various camps such as Wahanowin.
A great opportunity arose about in Montreal, he had the chance to purchase property with a partner and they became the first day camp in Montreal. However after 20 years of running the camp the federal government decided to expropriate the property and asked them to vacate. Eddy, still loving camp decided he was going to start up another camp but this time in Toronto.
When he bought the property that is now know as Green Acres it was nothing but a dairy farm and was completely bare except for 2 houses and 2 barns.
“It was a labour of love to build what we have here today”
“It is exciting to see the children everyday and see how the develop and grow as people. I have discovered that children can still have fun with out being plugged in to technology all the time. Kids depend on each other for fun and friendship.”
“I look at Green Acres as one big happy family”
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Thank you to all who came out and for a fantastic night!

Adventure in Space with the Beavers!

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Beavers, Lets go on a Space Adventure!

There are 8 planets in the solar system but 1 is missing! Beaver campers have to complete space missions to unlock the missing planet (Saturn)

Mission #1: Alien Goo (create it)


Mission #2: What’s that Planet?! (Planet tag – identify the planet)


Mission #3: Meteor Shower (water sponge war)


Mission #4: Amazing Aliens (create a paper bag alien)


Performance Friday at MyCamp

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MyCAMP has been working towards Performance Friday all week. It’s finally here and everyone is very excited! Musical theatre, dance, guitar, jump rope and camp rock are some of the performances that will be in the show. The campers have been practicing throughout the week and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

– Baliey , Head Staff of MyCamp

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The Bus Ride

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Crazy hair and pyjamas all in one, campers hop on the buss eager to start a new day at camp. Starting of with a mandatory sing-along to Taylor Swift and Uptown Funk we are off to camp. As we drive across the 404 with the help of our incredible driver Allistor we sing our pony cheer, do boondoggle and cover the windows in artwork. Word searches also make the ride seam instantaneous as I lead my campers to their cabins ready to have an amazing day at camp GA and I can’t wait to hear all about it/ do it all over on the bus ride home.

By Leah Gotkin, Bus Captain of the Pony Bus