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August 2015

The Last Word

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On the first day of camp, there isn’t one face that isn’t smiling. The school year is over, we have 2 whole months for nothing but fun! Camp GA is a place that enables kids (and adults) to have the best summer of their lives, and then keep topping that with every summer they return. the memories are endless, laughs are priceless, and the friendships are.. in a word, unforgettable. It’s no surprise that the only thing that you an see at the only thing that you can see at the last moment are tears. Some are happy others are sad. but regardless, no one can doubt that the summer has passed by far too quickly. The exact feeling that everyone is overcome by is hard to describe, but at the end of the last day you just feel like you’ve been apart of something so special. The beauty of this camp is that it gives people a place that they belong. No matter what, at the end of the day everyone is one gigantic family. It creates a safe and fun environment that everyone loves coming back to.

So, on the last day, we think back and reflect upon the amazing summer we have all had, lessons we have learned and friendships made. At the last spirit rally, we cheer, dance, and sing more than ever before. And, as everyone walks to their bus, they hug each other indulged in a combination of smiles and tears. in everyones head, the thought is “until next summer”, but the last word that leaves everyones mouth is simply “goodbye.”
  • Written by Amarra Mohamed
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Never Too Young

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You would think that being a young camper at GA would limit the types of activities they do, compared to the older ones. But being a councillor for these little ones allows me to witness just amazing the youngest campers are. It’s no surprise that a 9 year old camper can dribble, paint, or swim with more accuracy and skill than a 3 year old, but that does not mean that they won’t try and exceed expectations in more than one way. A very good example of this is shown in activities with a creative outlet. When small campers participate in activities like drama, arts and crafts or woodworking, a simple craft is turned into an entire rely of creativity.  A simple game of cat and mouse at parachute is transformed into a magical world, the level of creativity in the minds of these kids is endless and it never fails to amaze me. When we go to activities like basketball or soccer, they will try as hard as they can to pass, dribble, and shoot. A    lthough they are small that does not mean they are not able.  When we go to spirit rally every Friday, every single Beaver and Chipmunk cheers as loud as they possibly can so that we are as loud as all the other units (and we almost always are).

The spirit, effort, and creativity within these kids allows them to have just as much fun as any other camper which proves that, no matter how big or small you come, Camp GA is truly a place for everyone.

– Amarra Mohamed, Beavers, Cabin 11

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Never Too Old

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From high ropes to mountain biking, iCompute to the theatre, you’re never too old for Camp Green Acres. For our Seniors, Grads, Alumni, and LTPs, we have a wide variety of fun programs for our older campers. The Grads have their Social, Choice Awards, and Survivor. Seniors have their Wahanowin overnight and Unit Program. LTPs have their off-site socials, leadership retreats, and counsellor training.

With hundreds of older campers attending Green Acres, many more every year, Green Acres is a place for campers of all ages.
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GA Games

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Wow, what a summer it has been… but no summer at Camp Green Acres is complete without GA Games!! GA Games unites all campers from Beavers to Grads. The campers have participated in games such as giant twister, pizza feast, art attack, heads up, animal game and many, many more. The Beaver and Buffalo campers have even met the King and Queen of GA Games! Every unit has displayed incredible spirit and dedication.

Who will win? We will have to wait and see!

– Victoria Greco, Buffaloes Assistant Unit Head

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Parent and Tot Program

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What an incredible summer we have had with our Parent and Tot campers at Green Acres!  Our “tots” ranged in age from 15 months to 3 years old as they joined us for action packed morning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Our mornings began with free exploration at various sensory stations such as sand, water tables, chalk drawing, balls and bubbles.  Marni played her guitar and Risa helped lead the morning circle with musical instruments, active songs and creative movement activities.  The children had an amazing opportunity to experience all of the amazing activities that Green Acres has to offer.  The children rotated between two structured and hands on activities each day and they had the opportunity to experience  farm, ponies, gymnastics, cooking and pottery.  Each week featured a different theme such as “Dynamo’s Birthday”, “Dr. Seuss” and “All About Me” and the daily crafts supported these themes.  During  our seven week program, the children got to meet Dynamo and they  participated in Corn Roast, tractor rides and parachute games Our campers especially loved the water slides and swimming (We’re not sure who had more fun on the water slides – the children or their parents!).  Our campers arrived and left each day with huge smiles on their faces and Snickle Snackle in their hands.  We have made so many new friends and hope to see our tots  back at Green Acres  next summer!

– Risa Amar

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LTP Program

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The Leadership Training Program (LTP) is a unique group at GA consisting of young adults completing grades 8 and 9. They are not quite campers, but are also not yet staff. The program focuses on helping the LTPs develop the skills and behaviours that are necessary to become a camp staff in the future and to go out into the community and make a difference. This begins on day one during our Wahanowin retreat, where the unit bonds and learns about the importance of the LTP program and their roles within GA. Leadership traits are learned through unit workshops, weekly program and cabin placements, and charity initiatives that the LTPs organize for the entire camp. In addition, there are opportunities to obtain certifications such as CPR and First Aid. The LTPs also have some time each day to spend as a unit, both at lunch time and during period eight scheduled activities.

It is amazing to see how so many of these campers grow and develop within the course of just one summer. Many counselors and specialists currently working at GA have taken part in the LTP program over the years and were subsequently hired due to their outstanding performance while participating. We love working with this group of campers and it makes us proud to see them come back as staff, forming bonds with campers of their own and putting their leadership abilities into action.

If becoming a camp staff and working with kids is something that is of interest to your child, the LTP program will give them the building blocks and confidence to succeed.

– Lauren LTP Head

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Corn Roast 2015

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Welcome to the 2015 Corn Roast.  Everyone at camp gets to come to the fire pit and husk/peele an ear of corn.  Once they have peeled the corn,  the corn then goes into a pot that is on the fire.  While the corn is cooking the campers get to have an adventure and explore our maze.  When they are finished with the maze we give them their corn and they get to butter and salt the corn before they eat the corn. Some of the comments from the corn roast were “this is the best corn ever” from Devyn Stanleigh in beavers,  “This Corn is really sweet” From Jacob Grossberg in grads,  “Thank you so much for the corn its the best” from anonymous in seniors.
– Written by Sherman
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Sprit Rally

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Spirit rally is the highlight of our week, every week. All the staff and campers get so pumped up to cheer on their unit. Everyone comes dressed up in their unit colours ready for a great time! My favourite part of the rally is the parade at the beginning. We all walk and come together as one big unit!

– Written by Isaac Reich, cabin 76, Seniors

GA One Day

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We started our day on the back porch, as the GA One Day campers slowly arrived. All 20 campers met their counsellors and off we went to our first activity. We started our amazing day at the farm, where we met the goats, sheep, chickens, and other animals. It was a pretty hot day, so next we went for a swim at the slides pool to cool down. All of this made us quite hungry, so we eat hot dogs for lunch and had corn-on-the-con at the fire pit. For dessert we went over to cooking where we made cookie ice cream sandwiches. After everyone was fed we made some paper plate crafts and ended the day by stuffing our Build-A-Bears.

What was your favourite activity?

– “I liked petting all the animals like goats and the chickens”

-“My favourite were the cookies, there were soooo yummy”

– I liked the swimming because there were slides!”

– ” The farm, because I like feeding the chickens”

– Arts and crafts was my favourite. I like making things for my family”


– Written by Mathew DiNunzio

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Traditional Camp Sports

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In traditional camp, the campers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports. From basketball to soccer, biking, baseball, and everything in between, Camp Green Acres has it all! There is no doubt that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, through regular participation in GA sports, campers have a great time while engaging in a variety of fun games!

” My favourite sport is soccer because I love when i get to kick the ball and score a goal!” – Emily Amstislavskya

“I love ball hockey because it’s a lot of fun and I used to play it at home with my brother!” – Sydney Hart

– Written by Esty Fisher, Cabin 59 Eagles

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