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November 2015

Broadway Bound

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In this fun filled program, campers learn to sing, to act and to dance while developing the self-confidence to perform in front of others. Children will learn to enjoy performing and discover their hidden talents. Each day will focus on a different skill geared towards developing stage presence, acting techniques and choreography. Campers will learn a variety of Broadway, Disney and Pop songs that they will perform in the MyCamp Friday Showcase.

The Voice!

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For kids who want to become a singing sensation!! They will be introduced to different types of songs each day from Broadway, Pop, Folk, Country and more. They will learn breathing and other vocal techniques. While working with a mentor throughout the week, they will learn a song to perform in the Friday Showcase.


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Have you ever wanted to create your own magazine? Now you have the chance! Work with a group of campers to come up with a theme, write articles, advertisements, quizzes and an enticing cover page!  Campers will be given a copy of their creative magazine to take home!!  The first edition will be displayed in the MyCamp Friday Showcase!

Survival Camp

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Want to be a true survivor in the wilderness?  Campers will learn to make a camp fire, build shelters out of recycled materials, orienteering and so much more.  Campers will be faced with a variety of fun challenges throughout the week that will teach them the benefits of teamwork!


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Campers will spend their time learning archery and mountain biking. They will have the chance to learn both skills in a safe and supervised environment. Campers will learn precision shooting with a bow and arrow at different targets; in biking, they will perfect their riding skills as they are taken on daily trails throughout the Camp and challenged with scavenger hunts and other missions.

Wild Nature

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Discover the great outdoors at Green Acres with this amazing hands-on program!  Through gardening, crafts, cooking, scavenger hunts and more, campers learn and become one with nature.  Daily discoveries will be made using the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.


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Fascinated with space? Blast off into the world of rockets! Take a journey through the solar system and learn all about the planets plus other stars and galaxies. Campers will also learn the fundamentals of designing and building rockets. Campers will have an opportunity to design, build and paint their own rocket and launch it at the end of each week.

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