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July 2016

Seniors – Riley

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Today we had Say Yes To The Dress where we made a dress for our counsellors to wear, it was so much fun! We also created different foods made with a variety of candy that was really cool. Then we went to the grads and alumni rec-hall to participate in yoga and an activity called Dare Devil. After that their was dancing and a party in the eagles rec-hall, and it was so much fun dancing with all my friends! When it came time to period five I had instructional swim and we got to play lots of games. Then after lunch I went to recreational swim had an amazing time with my friends playing water games! At the end of the day I went to sprit rally and I danced and cheered in the parade so it was so cool!


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Eagles – Jake

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Today I had “Tiny House Big Living” first period, where we had to build a house out of the same materials that were used when we observed it. We were so close to winning because at the last second I suddenly remembered everything that I viewed before!! It was so much fun memorizing all the different objects in the box. Next I had “Netflix” where we played charades with the option of talking, and my cabin was versing other Eagles. I acted out “frustration” and my cabin and I had so much fun playing together as a team. After that I had “Fuller House” where we had to collect plastic balls while holding hands with people. I was holding hands with my counsellor and my best friend, but I was in the middle of them so I was carrying all the balls. ┬áThen I had MUCH Dance Party where the girl cabins versed the guy cabins to a dance off. My friends and I did the dab, and I also won a t-shirt! And finally I had Instructional Swim and we learned how to dive and we played the game Iceberg. It’s so hard to choose what activity was my favourite today because I loved them all so much!! I am definitely coming back to Green Acres next year!!


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LTP – Justin

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Today I went to cooking with the Buffalo cabin for first period, and we made pizza pockets which were really tasty! Next I went to see the play The Lion King, and I really enjoyed it cause it was funny and all of the campers were great singers. After that I went to help out the Beavers at Swim, where I helped the instructors with handling the kids and helping to teach them, which was a really good way for me to connect with the campers as well as the swim staff. Next the LTPs had a potluck where everyone brought in snacks and food because a lot of the LTPS aren’t staying for the entire summer, and there were a lot of contributions. After that I had Jr. Arts and Crafts and Instructional Swim!

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Bears – Reuben

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Today I played Tetherball and Gaga first period, it was a lot of fun! Then I had Instructional Swim where I practiced my breaststroke and whip kick. After that I had Karate where I learned how to kick and block punches! Next I had a dress rehearsal for the play The Lion King, and I’m casted as Simba! I memorized all the lines, and I have many solo performances! My favourite song to sing is “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and I really enjoy practicing with all my friends in the play. My mom and dad are coming to see me perform tonight and hopefully my aunt and uncle will join them! I have a full lion costume, and my aunt knit extra gloves and mane for when Simba grows up. Even though I’m a little nervous I’m so excited for everyone to see the play tonight and I can’t wait!

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Grads – Adam

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Today I had Instructional Swim first period, but instead I played Gaga with my friends and I won a game! After that I had Tennis, where we played Kings Court and I won a couple of rounds in that game as well! Later I had Recreational Swim so I played a few games with my friends and then we had extra time in the end so we played with cards. Then my cabin and I went to Land sports and we played a few games of football. Finally, we had Copper enamelling and Sr. Visual Arts which were both so much fun because it taught me how to be creative and unique!

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Chipmunks – Samantha

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Today I had Drama for first period, we performed songs from the movie Frozen and it was so much fun! Next we had Land sports, where we played hockey with pool noodles and a dodgeball. The other team won by a few points but that’s okay because we are all winners! After that I had Instructional Swim where we practiced our rocket ship glides, and our starfish. I learned how to swim on my own in the deep end! Then I had Gymnastics, Dance, and finally Recreational swim at the slides pool!

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Eagles – Adi

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Today I had Recreational Swim at the Slides pool and it was so much fun! I went down the slides with my friends and I dipped my feet in the water. Next I had Survival, where we played Predator and Pray, and Manhunt. I didn’t get caught once! After that my cabin and I had iCompute, and we made stories and finished our comics from last week. Fourth period I had Baton Twirling and I learned how to do cool new tricks! After that I had Kangoo Jumps and it’s so much fun but it was really hard to balance in the shoes at first. And finally, I had All That Glitter. My favourite activity is All That Glitter because it makes me be creative and I get to decorate ordinary objects with different and colourful materials.


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Seniors – Brayden

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Today I had basketball for my first period and had so much fun! Then I had imagination and we made mini chalk boards. Next period I went to woodworking and we made pin ball machines, I really enjoyed being creative. After that I went to Recreational Swim and played a few games in the water with my friends. Then I went to ropes and climbed super high! And finally I had Instructional swim. My favourite activity was woodworking because I always have so much fun and my counsellor helped me out.

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Bears – Daniel

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Today I had Jr. Visual Arts for 1st period, it was a lot of fun! We made a canvas board and glued different coloured yarn onto it. Next we had Instructional Swim and we practiced the rocket ship glide, I really enjoyed it! After that we had Drama, and we practiced lots of skits. Later we had Baseball and Farm, I really enjoyed petting the goats! Then I had Tennis, and finally I got to go on the Slides! Farm was my favourite activity of the day because I really like animals!

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All-Star – Reese

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Today I had tennis first period, it was super fun! Next period I had ropes and we went up on the high ropes, I almost made it to the top! After that I had Recreational Swim but instead I played tetherball with my friends. And finally, I had soccer! It was a lot of fun playing as a team. My favourite activity of the day was ropes because I’ve been doing it since I was 4 years old, and we get to climb up really high on all the crazy obstacles!

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