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August 2016

Bears – William and Michael

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Today we had Recreational Swim at the Slides pool first period. I went on slides #1 and 2, and i played with my brother. It was so much fun! Next we had Capture the Colour and the red team one for spirit, that activity was a lot of fun as well! Next we had Art Attack where we designed and formed objects using our bodies and clothes. We made a bow, a tree, and an image that tells a story. Then we had Slip n Slide soccer baseball, and finally we have Boggle at the Eagle rec hall. My favourite activity of the day was Free swim because we get to do whatever we want in the pool, and I got to see my brother.

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MyCamp – Neutrons

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Today we had Build It where we made things out of Lego and showcased them. It was a lot of fun showing everyone in our cabin all the cools things we made. Then we had Marble Run where we made structures that we drop a marble on. The marble follows the path that we create. It was very fun creating the structures. Then we made mini machines out of Kinex. That was really cool too! Finally we had Recreational Swim. It was so much fun splashing each other in the water!


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Beavers – Eden

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Today I had Karate where I learned to kick and punch. It was so fun learning new techniques. Then I had Cooking where I made an ice cream sandwich and cookies. They were very tasty. Next I had Instructional Swim where I learned to do back crawl and some jumps. Then I had Visual Art where I made an elephant sculpture that I decorated with hearts and stars. Next I had Jr. Science where I made a kaleidoscope out of a toilet paper tube and stickers. Finally I had Swim again. My favourite part of the day was Swim because I got to go in the pool and it was very refreshing!


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Grads – Jamie

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Today I had Instructional Swim. I learned to flip someone over in the water. It was so much fun! Then I had Kangoo Jumps. I got to jump up and down with all of my friends! Next I had Survival where I learned to build a fire. It was very exciting. Finally I had Recreational Swim. I got to splash all of my friends and play on noodles. My favourite part of the day was Recreational Swim because I got to relax and chill at in the pool. It was very refreshing!

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MyCamp – Noah and Carson

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Today we had a mix of A&C and Science, so we were blowing up balloons with baking soda and vinegar, then we made lava lamps, and finally made homemade duck calls. It was so much fun, blowing up the balloons was the coolest! Next we had Recreational Swim, where we normally go to the slides pool. That pool is my favourite because there are 3 slides that i can choose from and go down super fast! After that we have the MyCamp Showcase, and this week our cabin is showcasing a board with a list of experiments and their results. So we went up to different counsellors and asked their opinion on 2 sunscreens, and also asked them to try coke and pepsi and see which one they like more or which was sweeter than the other. And finally we have Spirit Rally which we’re so excited for!

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Seniors – Adam and Hunter

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Today we had Tennis. We played Jail Break and it was a lot of fun! We both won! Second and third period we had Seniors Ultimate Camp Challenge. There was Puzzle Challenge, Army Crawl, Paint Swatting, and Balloon Tower Building. We were the Orange Team and we broke a few records. Next we had Recreational Swim where we talked and played in the water. Then we had Jewelry & Bead Making where we made necklaces out of copper. This Ultimate Camp Challenge was so special. It only happens once a year and was so much fun!

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Ceder Creek – Maya, Hadar, and Sarah

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Today we we had Stable Management where we learned about horses and the different things we need to do in order to take care of horses. Then we went Riding where we trotted and cantered. Cantering is smoother than trotting. Then we ate lunch and drank lots of water. Next we had Recreational Swim. We love Recreational Swim because we can relax and talk about horses. After Swim we are going to Riding. It’s going to be so much fun! Finally we are going to have Arts & Crafts. We are very excited because we are doing something new. Our favourite thing to do in Arts & Crafts is make origami horses out of paper. The art specialists are super nice, and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for us today!


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All-Star – Christopher

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Today we had Baseball and I played second base. We lost the game, but it was still so much fun! Then we had Tennis. Tennis is my favourite sport because I love the game Jail Break. Then we had Instructional Swim. My swim instructor is Matthew. He is really nice and fun! I’m in level 6 and I think I’m going to pass by the end of the summer. Next we had Ball Hockey. It was really fun but I prefer Ice Hockey. My favourite thing about camp is the amount of friends I have made. I love my cabin and my counsellors. I’m going to miss all of the sports that we get to play. I’m for sure coming back next year. This has been the best summer ever!


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Bears – Ashlynn

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Today I had Karate first period, we learned kicks and punches today! Next I had Pottery, we used colourful clay to make pictures, it was so much fun! After that I went to Tennis to play popcorn, and Swimming at the Dolphin Pool! Then I had Basketball and now we’re going to get corn from the corn roast! Tonight I have my unit’s extended night, I’m staying until 6:00pm and it’s going to be tons of fun! My favourite activity is Swimming because I love the pool!

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Bears – Sophie

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Today we made a board game using the different unit rec halls around camp. We used a big piece of paper. It was very fun to play. Then we created journals that we covered with all different colours and patterns. Next we had Music and played with mini drums. It was loud and exciting! After Music we had Arts & Crafts where where we made mini jerseys with rainbow tissue paper. Then we had Instructional Swim where we got to play a lot of games. Next we are going to have Dance and we are super excited! My favourite part of the day was decorating the journals with tape!

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