We understand that choosing the right camp for your child is a big decision. While friends, activities, and programming are all important aspects of camp, your peace of mind and your child’s safety is our top priority.

Our Staff

Our Staff are chosen for their energy and love of working with children. All of our Role Models are handpicked by your director team and represent the best of their peer group.

Staff are given extensive training and are taught to care for the children’s individual needs. Our staff provide campers with a warm, spirited and safe camp environment. Our Role Model team is made up of young men and women in both high-school and university. Our Supervising staff are all university or college students, educators or parents themselves!

Safety at Swim

We pride ourselves on being one of the safest places for your child to enjoy the water. At Green Acres we go above and beyond the requirements for safety at the pool.

In addition to lifeguards, each pool is supervised by a senior member of our swim leadership team.

When regulations require us to have 3 lifeguards on deck, we will have at least 6 lifeguards on duty, not only on the pool deck but also in the water.

At our waterslide park, we have a minimum of 9 guards including ones at both the top and bottom of each slide. A deck supervisor is also on duty to oversee the facility.

For instructional swim we maintain low class ratios between campers and our certified swim instructors.

Health Centre

Our air conditioned Health Centre is staffed by at least one full time registered nurse and a student nurse.

The nursing staff are readily available for campers with any routine concerns. Campers with cuts and scrapes, an upset tummy, bug bites, and other minor ailments will be treated or admitted to rest. Parents will be contacted if we are concerned about a camper’s health. For routine visits, however, a report from the camp nurse will be sent home with your child in their camp bag.