Exciting Camp News! August Programs, Grads and Alumni, Musical Theatre Intensive & More

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  • Please call the camp office for space availability in July for children completing Nursery to Grade 2.
  • Limited spaces for Nursery to Senior Kindergarten from July 31-August 11.
  • Learn-To-Bike:

  • Only a few spots remaining in Weeks 7, 8 & 9 (August 14-September 1).
  • All-Star:

  • Please call the camp office for space availability in July in the Raptor program (SK and Grade 1) from July 3-28.
  • Specialty Camps:

  • 2 spots left in All That Glitters and Lego Robotics and only a few spots remaining in Wacky Science in Week 1.
  • Minecraft is SOLD OUT in Week 2 but there are a handful of spots remaining in Week 7.
  • 3 spots left in Rocketry in Week 3.
  • A few spaces left in Fun Fit in Week 4.

    image1-540x360 GOING THE EXTRA MILE IN AUGUST! While other camps slow down in August, Green Acres is just gearing up! Don’t miss out on some incredible excursions, programs and performers…

  • Tree Top Trekking (Week 7, Grades 4-9)
  • Tree Top Village (Week 6, SK)
  • Tree Top Village (Week 7, Grade 1)
  • Traveling Critters (Week 6, Nursery and JK)
  • Sonshine and Broccoli (Week 7, Nursery, JK & SK)
  • Carnival Day (Week 5, Campwide Program)
  • Rhythm Works (Week 6, Grades 1-7)
  • Grads Survivor Week (Week 7, Grades 5-7)
  • Ninjaz (Week 7, Grades 2 & 3)
  • GA Games (Week 8, Campwide Program)
  • …and more to come!
    *** Grades completed as of June 2017.

    image1-540x360 THE GRADS AND ALUMNI UNIT IS TRULY A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! Green Acres offers so many options for kids completing Grades 5-7! In particular, campers in the Grad unit are given more choices and special programming that sets them apart from the rest of camp. Even with such a large number of kids, it is amazing to see how close they all become by the end of the summer! Here’s what our Grads have to say…
    “Because we get to choose our activities, I made friends in all the cabins”
    “My Unit Head always trusts me to go to activities that I like rather than having to follow a schedule”
    “Grads social was the best night ever”
    “Survivor was amazing, Tribal Council was intense”
    “Our counselors really get us and don’t treat us like babies”
    “I’ve been in almost every Unit at Green Acres, and I never get bored…Grads was the best summer ever”
    “I literally count down the days till camp starts. By the end of the summer, Grads is like one big family”
    “We are all best friends”

    image1-540x360 AN INTENSIVE MUSICAL THEATRE SPECIALTY CAMP (COMPLETING GRADES 3-7) Broadway Bound? In weeks 7 & 8 be part of an amazing theatre production, Beauty & The Beast. Under the direction of trained theatre instructors, campers get to explore all aspects of musical theatre, including set and costume design, production, acting, singing and performing! During this two week program, campers will work together to stage the Beauty & The Beast musical and perform it in front of their peers. Register now or call the camp office to add this program. UPCOMING OPEN VISIT – SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd from 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. DID YOU KNOW Green Acres has amazing Birthday Party options for kids ages 1-8!
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