Bears – Olivia

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Today I went to Arts and Crafts for first period, and we made hot air balloons which was really fun because we got to decorate them with cotton balls and different coloured feathers, and then we made a person to ride the balloon. Next I had Instructional Swim which was also fun because I got to do different strokes and I learned how to swim like a frog! After my cabin and I had cooking, which was really exciting because we were making and decorating cookies with chocolate sauce and sprinkles, and next time we’re making Oreo cake pops! Later I went to nature and we went in a maze and had to find our way out, and then played maze tag. Lastly I had Karate where we learned different hits and punches. My favourite activity was cooking because i love to bake and I enjoy eating the snacks after!   Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.38.50 PM
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