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Today I played Tetherball and Gaga first period, it was a lot of fun! Then I had Instructional Swim where I practiced my breaststroke and whip kick. After that I had Karate where I learned how to kick and block punches! Next I had a dress rehearsal for the play The Lion King, and I’m casted as Simba! I memorized all the lines, and I have many solo performances! My favourite song to sing is “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and I really enjoy practicing with all my friends in the play. My mom and dad are coming to see me perform tonight and hopefully my aunt and uncle will join them! I have a full lion costume, and my aunt knit extra gloves and mane for when Simba grows up. Even though I’m a little nervous I’m so excited for everyone to see the play tonight and I can’t wait! Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.24.59 PM
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