Eagles – Adi

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Today I had Recreational Swim at the Slides pool and it was so much fun! I went down the slides with my friends and I dipped my feet in the water. Next I had Survival, where we played Predator and Pray, and Manhunt. I didn’t get caught once! After that my cabin and I had iCompute, and we made stories and finished our comics from last week. Fourth period I had Baton Twirling and I learned how to do cool new tricks! After that I had Kangoo Jumps and it’s so much fun but it was really hard to balance in the shoes at first. And finally, I had All That Glitter. My favourite activity is All That Glitter because it makes me be creative and I get to decorate ordinary objects with different and colourful materials.   Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.36.37 PM
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