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Today I had “Tiny House Big Living” first period, where we had to build a house out of the same materials that were used when we observed it. We were so close to winning because at the last second I suddenly remembered everything that I viewed before!! It was so much fun memorizing all the different objects in the box. Next I had “Netflix” where we played charades with the option of talking, and my cabin was versing other Eagles. I acted out “frustration” and my cabin and I had so much fun playing together as a team. After that I had “Fuller House” where we had to collect plastic balls while holding hands with people. I was holding hands with my counsellor and my best friend, but I was in the middle of them so I was carrying all the balls.  Then I had MUCH Dance Party where the girl cabins versed the guy cabins to a dance off. My friends and I did the dab, and I also won a t-shirt! And finally I had Instructional Swim and we learned how to dive and we played the game Iceberg. It’s so hard to choose what activity was my favourite today because I loved them all so much!! I am definitely coming back to Green Acres next year!!   Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.57.12 PM
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