How long is a day at camp?

The camp buses arrive between approximately 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. The buses leave camp at about 3:55.

What is the structure of a typical camp day?

Traditional Camp: Each day, there are two swims (instructional and recreational swim), a lunch period, and five periods filled with fun camp activities.
MyCamp: There are five activity periods during the day, lunch and a recreational swim.
All-Star: Campers completing SK and Grade 1 experience many of the different sports that All-Star has to offer.  Similar to Traditional Camp, every cabin will receive a schedule of sports only, which includes participating in up to 10 different sports each week along with a recreational swim daily.  Campers completing Grade 2 or higher choose one major sport to participate in during the morning, followed by lunch and then two minor sports each afternoon. Campers participate in a recreational swim daily.
Cedar Creek: Riders have approximately one hour of an English riding lesson in the morning, one hour of an English riding lesson in the afternoon, stable management, lunch, recreational swim and a craft/sport/drama/co-operative game activity each day.

How many children are there in a cabin? What is the staff to camper ratio?

In our pre-school groups (Nursery, JK, & SK), there are approximately 10 to 12 children in a group with a minimum of three camp counselors. In our school age groups (grades 1 to 7) there are 12 to 14 campers in a group with a minimum of two camp counselors. Groups are gender and grade level specific. At least one counsellor per cabin is of university age. There are additional specialists leading and teaching at most activities.

Can my child be grouped in a cabin with friends?

In Traditional Camp and All-Star (completing SK or Grade 1) we try our best to accommodate friend requests. In All-Star (completing Grade 2 or higher), MyCamp and Cedar Creek, although your child may be grouped with friends for the purposes of morning attendance, lunch and dismissal, keep in mind that friends may be choosing different activity options or be in different riding levels.

How do pre-school age children adjust to the camp day and is there a rest period for them?

We organize the camp day so there is a balance between active and calmer activities; campers are not ‘running’ all day. There is no scheduled nap time in either program. Our caring and experienced staff ensure that our youngest campers are adjusting well and we follow up at the end of the first week with a phone call, just to let you know how your “little one” is doing. Click to learn why You’re Never Too Young for Camp Green Acres!

My child is an older camper? Are there many older children enrolled at camp?

The camp has age appropriate activities and facilities for older children up to grade 7. As campers get older, they graduate to new activities (high ropes, archery, tennis, recording, overnights, etc.) while leaving others behind (pony rides, trike track, pre-school music, etc.)). Activities are designed to challenge the interests and skills of all age groups.

Green Acres also offers a LTP (Leadership Training Program) for teens completing grades 8 and 9. This is a unique and multi-fasceted program designed to build leadership skills through placements at camp, workshops, volunteer initiatives and more! Click here to learn why You’re Never Too Old for Camp Green Acres!

What are the camp dates and fees? How do I register my child?

Can the camp serve my child a lunch?

Daily and Weekly Options will be available Spring 2019

Do campers receive any snacks or water during the camp day?

We offer campers a snickle snackle, our famous freezie snack, at the end of every day. We encourage parents to send several healthy snacks from home. There are drinking stations and water filling stations available throughout the camp, and campers are encouraged to stay hydrated through the day.

My child is allergic to nuts and/or peanuts. Is the camp a “Peanut and Nut Free” camp?

Green Acres is a peanut and nut safe camp. Food and products served by the camp are peanut and nut free. We are a peanut and nut safe camp as we cannot have absolute control over the contents of some camper lunches and snacks. We do ask that campers and staff not bring any peanut or nut products to the camp.

How do you help a camper who is not coming with any friends to camp?

On the first day of camp a great deal of emphasis is placed on smoothly integrating the campers into the cabin. We do this through carefully selected games. We place a great emphasis on friendship and inclusiveness at camp. Although campers generally make friends easily at Green Acres, our leaders are always keeping their eyes open to ensure that every camper has someone to play, participate and eat lunch with throughout the day.

How do you deal with sun safety at camp?

We encourage parents, campers, and staff to be ‘Sun Smart’. Sun hats are a must every day, and a large emphasis is placed on keeping cool and hydrated throughout the day particularly during hot days. We make use of effective sun screen routines as part of the camp day. Parents should apply sunscreen prior to departure for camp each morning, and counselors will assist and supervise campers to reapply their sunscreen lotions throughout the day.

Are campers always supervised?

Counselors are always with their campers. Younger campers are brought to their units from the bus, and accompanied to the washroom.

Do you offer instructional swim at camp?

We are famous for our aquatic facilities and our Red Cross and Lifesaving Society instructional swim program. All campers registered in traditional camp receive daily swim instruction taught by certified swim instructors. Campers in All-Star, MyCAMP, and Cedar Creek have the option of signing up for instructional swim for an additional fee.

How many swim periods are there at camp?

In Traditional Camp, there are two swim periods every day. One is instructional, and the other is recreational. Our swim facilities include two large outdoor heated pools designed to facilitate a swim instructional program. In addition, we have our heated junior waterslide park with a pool basin at the bottom for fun times by all ages regardless of their swim ability.
All-Star, My Camp and Cedar Creek have one recreational swim daily. Campers have the option to sign up for instructional swim at an additional fee.

Do you have a health centre or nurse at camp?

Our air-conditioned Health Centre is staffed by a full-time nurse and nurse’s assistants.

My child has been to other camps and has been bored, how can you ensure this doesn’t happen?

We offer many different programs for your child to choose from. Aside from the Traditional camp, we have three other camp programs for your child. All-Star Sports Camp, Cedar Creek riding camp, and the all-elective MyCAMP are all available to choose from. Even better, you can maximize your child’s camp experience by enrolling them in several of our programs over the course of the summer. We are certain that there is enough choice to satisfy almost every camper.
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What if my child is not happy at Camp?

We strive to only have happy campers at Green Acres! This is why we have a No Risk Camp Fund Policy. We encourage you to let us know your concerns and we will try our hardest to make your child happy. However, if after 3 days of coming to camp, your child is still unhappy, we will give you a full refund for the remainder of your registered session.

Does the camp have special theme days?

Every Thursday is a theme day at Green Acres. Please check the camp calendar to find out what theme is on each week. In addition, special themed unit programs, camp-wide programs and overnights/extended evening programs are planned throughout the summer.

Does the camp provide transportation? Are the children supervised on the bus?

Bus routes are carefully planned and updated throughout the summer to ensure all campers have as short a ride as possible. Every bus is led by a Bus Captain who is there to supervise safety, assist campers on and off the buss, and to organize exciting bus programs.

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If I am driving my child to camp each day, what are the drop off and pick up times?

You can drop off your camper at our Kiss ‘n Ride loop anytime between 9:00-9:30 am. Pick-up is at 4:00 pm after our buses depart.

If I drive my child to camp, what happens after I drop them off?

We have a convenient Kiss’n Ride loop which allows you to drop off your child without even getting out of your car. Our staff are right there to help your children out of the car and carry their bags. Campers will then be escorted by Green Acres Staff directly to their rec hall or area of camp. Younger campers are escorted directly to their cabin group.

I work, so do you have Before and After Camp Care?

You can drop your child off at Green Acres as early as 8:00 am and pickup as late at 5:30 pm. Early morning care is $40/week plus HST and after camp care is $50/week plus HST.

Do you have a Parent & Tot Program?

We have a fabulous program for parents, grandparents or caregivers to accompany children ages 16-44 months. The program runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:45 – 12:00. Everyday is packed with circle time, camp-style activities and an instructional swim taught by certified swim instructors.

If my child is in the All-Star Sport Camp, how do campers choose their major and minor sports?

Each week campers (completing Grade 2 or higher) choose one major sport and two minor sports to participate in. Golf is considered a double minor and campers will receive additional training during the entire afternoon. Sports are chosen upon registering your child to camp, however changes can be made even during camp time depending on availability.

Campers completing SK and Grade 1 experience many of the different sports that All-Star has to offer.  Similar to Traditional Camp, every cabin will receive a schedule of sports only, which includes participating in up to 12 different sports each week!  Campers will remain with their counsellors and cabin groups throughout the day.

What equipment do All-Star campers need to bring to camp?

All campers should come dressed appropriately for the activities their will be participating in. The equipment needed is dependent on the sports campers have chosen as their major or minor:

Baseball – baseball glove
Ball hockey and lacrosse sticks, tennis racquet, and golf equipment will be provided, but campers are encouraged to bring their own equipment. Secure storage will be available on site for all campers.

Campers completing SK or Grade 1 only require a baseball glove.

What equipment do Cedar-Creek riding campers need to bring?

Cedar Creek riding campers require boots with a defined heel and CSA helmet. Saddle Champs riding campers require boots with a defined heel. Saddle Champs campers will be provided with a CSA helmet and hairnet if they do not have their own helmet.

How old does my child have to be to work at Green Acres?

Staff must be completing Grade 10 in order to apply.