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untitled   We started our day on the back porch, as the GA One Day campers slowly arrived. All 20 campers met their counsellors and off we went to our first activity. We started our amazing day at the farm, where we met the goats, sheep, chickens, and other animals. It was a pretty hot day, so next we went for a swim at the slides pool to cool down. All of this made us quite hungry, so we eat hot dogs for lunch and had corn-on-the-con at the fire pit. For dessert we went over to cooking where we made cookie ice cream sandwiches. After everyone was fed we made some paper plate crafts and ended the day by stuffing our Build-A-Bears. What was your favourite activity? – “I liked petting all the animals like goats and the chickens” -“My favourite were the cookies, there were soooo yummy” – I liked the swimming because there were slides!” – ” The farm, because I like feeding the chickens” – Arts and crafts was my favourite. I like making things for my family”   – Written by Mathew DiNunzio _MG_5688 _MG_5482 _MG_5452 _MG_5402 _MG_5392_MG_5803  
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