Grad Survivor Week

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  Today began the Grads and Alumni’s weeklong Survivor program. They will be competing in challenges Monday through Thursday, culminating in a final Tribal Council during an extended night on Thursday. The campers will compete across camp; solving puzzles, shackling together rafts in a shipwreck, firing off catapults, and testing their grit and tenacity.   The campers were split into three tribes: Onahonga (red), Shakatolo (blue), and Jakota (yellow). After some quick camaraderie, the Jakota tribe won immunity today, saving off elimination. The Onahonga tribe lost the elimination challenge, finishing in last place for the day. The campers will need to Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay for the rest of the week to be crowned the ultimate survivors. – Jonsey (Grads Unit Head) _MG_4606 _MG_4616 _MG_4619 _MG_4624_MG_4880_MG_4866
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