Grads – Aiden and Riley

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Today we had Landsports first period, we played football and it was so much fun! We really liked playing against each other even though we originally wanted to be on the same team. Next we had Gaga and Tetherball, it was fun cause we got to talk a lot while we hit the ball around. Then we had Instructional Swim where we learned the star jump, low roll, and shallow dives. The shallow dives were our favourite! After that we have Recreational swim, Science, Baseball, and Survival. We both took 2 weeks off of camp so we’re really excited to be back! Tomorrow we’re testing out MyCamp which is really exciting! Landsports is our favourite activity cause we get to run around a lot and play a ton of different games. Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.41.10 PM
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