Our Exciting Week 9 End of Summer Programs Looking for camp for your children between August 27th and August 31st? We are thrilled to offer 5 AMAZING specialized programs for campers ages Nursery to Grade 7. Campers spend 1/2 day in specialty programming and 1/2 day in traditional camp activities. Green Acres Swim Instruction Program (Grades SK-7) Cedar Creek Riding (Grades 1-7) ‘Back to School’ (Nursery – Grade 1) iCompute Multi-Media (Grades 1-7) Learn-To-Bike (SK – Grade 2) 1-WEEK SPECIALTY CAMPS – AUGUST ONLY Green Acres now offers over a dozen one-week specialty camps in the areas of Performing Arts, Fine Arts, STEM and Outdoor Adventures. Campers completed grades 3-7 participate in their specialty camp in the morning, enjoy a recreational swim and then choose from a large selection of activities in the afternoon. Programs are interactive, challenging, fun and hands on. GREEN ACRES TOWEL SERVICE Daily Towel Service is included for all campers at no extra charge. Campers will be receiving a fresh towel for each swim. No need to load up your child’s backpack with heavy wet towels! Learn-to-Bike Program Campers will learn to feel confident on a bike as they progress from training wheels to riding independently on a two-wheel bike.  Our specially trained staff will teach riding and balancing skills through games and fun activities.  Campers will ride twice a day, and receive both an instructional and recreational swim as well as participate in other Traditional Camp activities. Bikes and helmets will be provided. This program is offered in weeks 7 & 8 as well as during our ‘End of Summer’ Week 9 program. ONE FAMILY NIGHT FOR ALL – JULY 26 – 6:00-8:00 PM This year we will be hosting one Fantantibulous Family Night! An opportunity for all July campers to introduce their parents to their counsellors, show them around camp and participate in many activities! Swim instructors will also be available. Campers starting July 30th can come and meet their counsellors before their first day of camp. GOING THE EXTRA MILE IN AUGUST! While other camps slow down in August, Green Acres is just gearing up! Don’t miss out on some incredible excursions, programs and performers… Tree Top Trekking (Week 6, Grades 4-9) Tree Top Village (Week 7, SK) Tree Top Village (Week 6, Grade 1 & Raptors) Traveling Critters (Week 7, Nursery and JK) Sonshine and Broccoli (Week 6, Nursery, JK & SK) Carnival Day (Week 5, Campwide Program) Rhythm Works (Week 7, Grades 1-7) Grads Survivor Week (Week 7, Grades 5-7) Tree Top Discovery (Week 6, Grades 2 & 3) GA Games (Week 8, Campwide Program) …and more to come! * Grade completed as of June 2018 TOONIE TUESDAY! Building good character is an important part of Camp Green Acres. We have been proud supporters of the SickKids Campership Program for many years and continue to do so. We want to help our campers understand the importance of giving back to the community. Therefore, every Tuesday, we encourage you to send your child with a toonie or other spare change which we will donate to the Ronald McDonald House on your behalf. Every unit will choose to fundraise in their own fun and special way. THE GREEN ACRES TUCK SHOP IS OPEN! Campers completing grades 5 and older will have the opportunity to purchase food/snacks/drinks from our Tuck Shop. All items cost between $1-$3 and will be available for purchase during lunchtime. Everything is peanut/nut free. Options include bagels, ice cream, chips, yogurt, bars and more! THE STOCK BUS TRACKER Stock Bus Tracker allows you to view any of your camper’s current bus location and information about the route, real time. Simply input the necessary information for each camper. You will receive an email from Green Acres a few days prior to the start of your child’s program at camp. ALL-STAR RAPTOR PROGRAM The Raptors program is back, but moving into a new home (for campers completing SK and Grade 1)! Rather than having to pick their sports and missing out on others, each Raptor cabin group will be given a weekly schedule where they will have the opportunity to participate in 10 different sports. Cabin groups and counsellors will stay and play together all week!!! ALL EAGLES AND SENIORS GO TO WAHANOWIN FOR A NIGHT! Campers in the Eagles (completed grade 2) and Seniors (completed grades 3/4) Units have always enjoyed the tradition of an Overnight at Green Acres. All campers in Eagles and Seniors will have the opportunity to experience one overnight at Green Acres and one overnight at Camp Wahanowin (one in July and one in August). Under the supervision of Green Acres’ counsellors, Head Staff and Wahanowin Directors, campers will participate in all the amazing Wahanowin activities including their water park, water trampoline, canoeing, sailing, zipline, trapeze, tubing and so much more!! No need to register for this in advance, the permission form will be emailed to you a week prior to the event. The nominal $30 cost will remain the same as the Green Acres overnight. HAVE YOU DOWNLOADED OUR SMARTPHONE APP? Stay up to date on camp events, news, videos, pictures, blogs and much more! Available FREE in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. WAHANO-VENTURES OVERNIGHT PROGRAM GREEN ACRES CAMPERS IN GRADES 2, 3 or 4 can choose this amazing opportunity to get a taste of overnight camp without committing to a long-term stay. The Wahano-Ventures Program allows campers to experience Overnight Camp for 5 days in July or 4 days in August. Wahano-Venturers spend 3-weeks at Green Acres and one-week at Camp Wahanowin. They are grouped together with their Green Acres friends and are accompanied by Green Acres counsellors. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE LTPS Our Leadership Training Program for teens in grades 8 & 9 will continue to offer volunteer initiatives throughout the summer. LTPs may have the opportunity to participate in fundraising initiatives or help a child with special needs. Volunteer hours will count towards their high school Community Service requirements (up to 18 hours total can be earned).

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