LTP – Daniella and Avery

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Today we went to the Eagles during first period, and we played lots of games to help us know the campers. We also took some of them to the Lion King auditions, which was really fun because we watched them perform for the roles they were auditioning for, and they were all really good because they learned the songs easily! Next we helped out with the Beavers during swim which was also really fun because we liked to see them accomplish something that they are new to, and it helped us realize if we wanted to work as a swim staff in the future. Lastly, we had an LTP workshop and we trained for being a counsellor and we got to know everyone who we’ll be working with this summer. We enjoyed working with campers the most, because we get placed with new cabins each week so we get to experience all age groups!   Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.37.40 PM
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