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The Leadership Training Program (LTP) is a unique group at GA consisting of young adults completing grades 8 and 9. They are not quite campers, but are also not yet staff. The program focuses on helping the LTPs develop the skills and behaviours that are necessary to become a camp staff in the future and to go out into the community and make a difference. This begins on day one during our Wahanowin retreat, where the unit bonds and learns about the importance of the LTP program and their roles within GA. Leadership traits are learned through unit workshops, weekly program and cabin placements, and charity initiatives that the LTPs organize for the entire camp. In addition, there are opportunities to obtain certifications such as CPR and First Aid. The LTPs also have some time each day to spend as a unit, both at lunch time and during period eight scheduled activities. It is amazing to see how so many of these campers grow and develop within the course of just one summer. Many counselors and specialists currently working at GA have taken part in the LTP program over the years and were subsequently hired due to their outstanding performance while participating. We love working with this group of campers and it makes us proud to see them come back as staff, forming bonds with campers of their own and putting their leadership abilities into action. If becoming a camp staff and working with kids is something that is of interest to your child, the LTP program will give them the building blocks and confidence to succeed. – Lauren LTP Head _MG_6377 _MG_8790 127A4565_MG_6092IMG_6691_MG_0636 _MG_0901_MG_0908
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