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You would think that being a young camper at GA would limit the types of activities they do, compared to the older ones. But being a councillor for these little ones allows me to witness just amazing the youngest campers are. It’s no surprise that a 9 year old camper can dribble, paint, or swim with more accuracy and skill than a 3 year old, but that does not mean that they won’t try and exceed expectations in more than one way. A very good example of this is shown in activities with a creative outlet. When small campers participate in activities like drama, arts and crafts or woodworking, a simple craft is turned into an entire rely of creativity.  A simple game of cat and mouse at parachute is transformed into a magical world, the level of creativity in the minds of these kids is endless and it never fails to amaze me. When we go to activities like basketball or soccer, they will try as hard as they can to pass, dribble, and shoot. A    lthough they are small that does not mean they are not able.  When we go to spirit rally every Friday, every single Beaver and Chipmunk cheers as loud as they possibly can so that we are as loud as all the other units (and we almost always are). The spirit, effort, and creativity within these kids allows them to have just as much fun as any other camper which proves that, no matter how big or small you come, Camp GA is truly a place for everyone. – Amarra Mohamed, Beavers, Cabin 11 _MG_3766 _MG_6482 _MG_3849 _MG_3735 _MG_0565  
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