Green Acres 365 Lunchtime and After-School Programs are now being offered in over 40 schools across the GTA!


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We have some amazing multi-media, lego, arts, dance, sports, and science programs at both lunchtime and after school.

If Green Acres 365 is not available in your child’s school and you want to help us bring one of these FANTANTIBULOUS programs to your child’s school, please contact Kathy at the camp office as soon as possible.

All of our programs are designed to challenge students in a fun, non-competitive environment while providing them with an interactive, hands-on learning experience. Our programs are offered in both public and private elementary schools and are backed by more than 50 years of experience developing the best summer camp programs! The programs below represent a sample of what we offer and are designed as a guideline. Each program curriculum is customized in conjunction with the team in your school to offer a unique program.

All That Glitters (Grades: 1-3, 4-6)

Each week students will create amazing craft projects. Students will learn to express their creative talents using different mediums and materials. Everything from painting, pottery, beading, drawing and more! Students will be making projects they will be proud to take home!

Bling Your Room (Grades: 2-6)

This program is an extension of our All That Glitters Craft Program with a specific focus on room decor and accessories. From making pillows, wall art, accessory organizers, memo boards and so much more. Students will work on ongoing projects as well as bring home something new at the end of each class.

Broadway Bound (Grades: 2-6)

This program teaches students to have fun singing, acting and dancing while developing the self-confidence to perform in front of others. Children will learn to enjoy performing and discover their hidden talents. Classes are geared towards developing stage presence, acting techniques and choreography. Students will learn a variety of Broadway, Disney and Pop songs.

Build It! Lego & Structures (Grades: 1-3)

This program challenges students to build creative structures using different mediums.  Using Lego, Maze Runners, K’nex and other Building Tools, children will learn to create, design, plan and build.  They will make cities, invent new methods of transportation, create homes of the future, animals and so much more!

Clay Animation (Grades: 1-3, 4-6)

If you like playing with Clay and creating stories, then this program is for you! While working in pairs, you will first construct your own characters and props using colourful clay. Next, using stop-motion technology and your imagination, you can bring your story to life. You then get to add voice recordings, background music, sound effects, special effects, transitions, title and credits. Lastly you will get to create your own movie menu and receive a link that you can use to watch your Hollywood blockbuster Clay Animation film!

Crafts Play (Grades: JK-SK)

This craft program is specifically designed for kindergarten students, challenging their creative minds and fine motor skills. Each week students will create amazing craft projects using different mediums and materials. Everything from Painting, Pottery, Beading, Drawing and more! Students will be making projects they will be proud to take home!

Crazy Cooks (Grades: JK-SK, 1-6)

The goal is for each student to develop a love of cooking! Each week they will bake, cook, create, experiment, decorate and so much more! Whether they are creating their own smoothie concoction or decorating cupcakes, each week will be filled with tasty adventures! Crazy Cooks is a Peanut and Tree Nut safe program. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any other food allergies.

Dancercise (Grades: JK-SK, 1-3)

This energy-filled program gets kids of all ages moving to the music in this unique mix of dance and fitness.  Instructors bring both their high energy and experience with children to every class.

Fashion Design (Grades: 2-6)

Do you have dreams of being a world famous fashion designer? Here’s your chance to explore your creativity. Using different mediums including sketching, and textiles, participants will learn how to design clothing from dresses, jewelry to accessories! You can let your imagination run wild! At the end of the program, you will get to take home their creations!

Games of Strategy (Grades: 1-3, 4-6)

Is it luck or skill?  This program teaches students the skills involved in playing Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and other strategic games.  Learn how to make every move count and develop strategic decision-making skills. At the end of the session, teams of students will put their thinking skills to test and face-off against each other in a thrilling battle of the minds.

iPad Creations (Grades: 1-3)

If you like having fun on an iPad, then this one is for you! Working in pairs, you will learn how to create a number of different projects using a variety of fun apps like Photo Booth, Scratch Jr., iMovie, Garageband and more! Students will also get to challenge your gaming skills with some popular Games of Strategy Apps. At the end of the program, you will get a link to download all your projects at home!

Lego Animation (Grades: 1-6)

If you like playing with LEGO and making up stories, then this program is for you! Working in pairs, you will first construct your own characters and Lego creations. Then using stop-motion technology and your imagination, you can bring your story to life. You then also get to add voice recordings, background music, sound effects, special effects, transitions, title and credits. Lastly you will get to create your own movie menu and receive a link that you can use to watch your Hollywood blockbuster LEGO Animation film online!

Lego Robotics (Grades: 2-6)

Working together students will learn to design, build, customize, and program their very own Lego Robot! Each week they will build a different type of robot. For the final program, students run their robot through an obstacle course, competing to see which team can build the ultimate lego robot!

Magazine Publishing (Grades: 2-6)

Students will work together and design their own magazine concept from start to finish. Activities will include designing their magazine covers, writing articles, creating advertising as well as quizzes, games and more. At the end of the session, students will get bound copy of their magazine to take home!

Minecraft (Grades: 2-6)

This program will allow students to create Minecraft worlds and will focus on problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. Students will work together with peers and develop coding skills to navigate through exciting virtual worlds.

Play with Clay (Grades: JK-SK, 1-3, 4-6)

This program allows children the opportunity to explore and create using different types of clay and techniques. Using Model Magic, Clay, Plasticine and more, students will create amazing projects to bring home while having a great time!

Red Cross Babysitting Course (Ages: 11 and up) - This program is also offered as a PA Day program!

Children 11 years old or older who want to become a certified babysitter will have an opportunity to complete the Red Cross Babysitting Course. The Babysitting Course covers the responsibilities of a babysitter, safety tips for children of all ages, basic child care skills and what to do in case of an emergency.

Sport Madness (Grades: JK-SK, 1-3, 4-6)

Our sport program is designed to put the love back into sports! The program offers boys and girls the opportunity to develop skills and to have fun in a wide range of sport activities.  Students will also learn new and interesting twists on traditional sports like Soccer, European Handball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, GAGA and more. Our JK/SK program focuses on participation in co-operative games and sports.

Video Comic Book (Grades: 1-4)

Have you ever wanted to design your own super hero or create your own adventures?  Here’s your chance to create your own comic book. In this program, while working with others, you will have the opportunity to experiment with action figures, digital photography, adding sound effects, voice overs and music to create a one of a kind video comic book to take home with you at the end of the session.

Video Game Creator (Grades: 2-6)

Video Game Creator is all about creating, designing and playing your own video games. This is a great introduction to coding. Throughout the program, students will work in pairs to create a variety of different video games with multiple levels. At the end of the program each student will receive a link where they can play their games and those of other students online. Let the Games Begin!

Video Starz (Grades: 2-6)

Bring out your Inner Star while working with the latest video and green screen technology on the iPad.  Working with others, students will create music videos, commercials, photo shoots and so much more! At the end of the program, you will get a link to download all your projects at home!

Wacky Science (Grades: 1-3, 4-6)

This program is designed to get kids excited about science!  We offer a hands-on, interactive program that challenges kids to think and explore the hows and whys of science.  Each week the students will perform experiments, watch live demonstrations and discuss the results.

PA Day Programs

We offer PA day programs at schools from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Many of the above programs are offered as PA day programs. Call the Camp Office for more information.

For Schools

Benefits of our Green Acres 365 programs at your school

Customzied Programs – We will work with your school to develop programs to fit the needs and interests of your students and parent body.

One Stop Shop – We offer programs in all areas including Multi-Media, Sports, Arts, Science and Performing Arts.  You only have to deal with one program provider to service all of your school’s needs.

Qualified Instructors – Many of our instructors are qualified teachers or aspiring teachers who have many years of experience working with children.

Easy Registration – We will provide you with information flyers, bundled per class, ready to be distributed to your students.  We also handle all registration forms and payments.

For Staff

Now Hiring!

  • Instructors for lunchtime and after-school programs to teach children in elementary schools across York Region and the GTA.
  • Our programs are designed for children ages 5 to 11 years of age.
  • Programs run for approximately 45 min to 1 hour per week per school.
  • Instructors will likely have several schools throughout the week on their roster.
  • The position requires you to have access to your own transportation and a vulnerable sector screening.
  • Instructors needed with experience and knowledge in any of the following areas: art, sports, science, chess, dance, drama/music, and multi-media/computers.
  • Instructors must have experience and interest working with elementary-aged children.
  • Training and all supplies are provided.