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As former and current campers of Green Acres, we both have attended MANY spirit rallies! Whether it’s grooving to the music or cheering as loud as we can, we know that spirit rally will always be a fun time. Waking up on Friday mornings and waiting for the spirit rally will always be a fun time. Waiting for the spirit rally to come is so awesome because you can wear as much of one colour as possible.  When the day is over and it’s finally time for spirit rally, camp has a massive parade where we walk to the basketball courts, cheering and yelling.  Each unit has their own mascot and one of the coolest parts of spirit rally is guessing who is under the costume! Once the mascots come out, we get to go on the court and dance all together.  Whether it is the camp dance, Hey Baby, or our camp’s song, Where You Belong, we are always having fun!  Seeing as it is both of our 6th summers at Green Acres, we both have some amazing memories from years that have passed.  Jordan’s favourite memory from spirit rally would have to be from when she was in bears!  At each spirit rally, the units have a competition between mascots.  “The bears unit won three weeks in a row, and this is one of my favourite camp memories.”  Jordan’s favourite spirit rally memory was from her first spirit rally as an LTP.  “It really showed me how much of a family Green Acres truly is.  Seeing everyone dancing with their arms around each other was very meaningful to me.”  We both feel that spirit rallies are one of the most important memorable things at Green Acres.  We know that we will have just as much fun this year as we have had any other year and we can’t wait to see what this summer has in store for us!  We LOVE spirit rallies and we LOVE Green Acres!   By: Jordyn Leavens and Jordana Katz Seniors Unit _MG_8351 _MG_8185 _MG_8202
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