The Last Word

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On the first day of camp, there isn’t one face that isn’t smiling. The school year is over, we have 2 whole months for nothing but fun! Camp GA is a place that enables kids (and adults) to have the best summer of their lives, and then keep topping that with every summer they return. the memories are endless, laughs are priceless, and the friendships are.. in a word, unforgettable. It’s no surprise that the only thing that you an see at the only thing that you can see at the last moment are tears. Some are happy others are sad. but regardless, no one can doubt that the summer has passed by far too quickly. The exact feeling that everyone is overcome by is hard to describe, but at the end of the last day you just feel like you’ve been apart of something so special. The beauty of this camp is that it gives people a place that they belong. No matter what, at the end of the day everyone is one gigantic family. It creates a safe and fun environment that everyone loves coming back to.
So, on the last day, we think back and reflect upon the amazing summer we have all had, lessons we have learned and friendships made. At the last spirit rally, we cheer, dance, and sing more than ever before. And, as everyone walks to their bus, they hug each other indulged in a combination of smiles and tears. in everyones head, the thought is “until next summer”, but the last word that leaves everyones mouth is simply “goodbye.”
  • Written by Amarra Mohamed
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