Below is a link to our various 2023 Online Camp Forms. Please complete all of the forms that apply to your family and submit them to the camp office.

1. Health Certificate (For all campers) – Before filling out, please have your child(ren)’s Health Card Number, Immunization Record, a Digital Photo of each camper (under 1MB), Doctor’s name and phone number handy.

2. Swim Assessment Questionnaire (for Traditional & All-Star Camp campers only) – Before filling out, please have your child(ren)’s last swim level handy to complete the questionnaire. 

3. Pick-up or Drop-off Authorization Form – Please fill out the form(s) below which is applicable to your transportation arrangement for this summer.

For Campers Travelling on Point-to-Point neighbourhood buses

For Campers Travelling to camp by car

4. Riding Release & Acknowledgement Form and Assessment Questionnaire (For Cedar Creek Riding Camp and Half-Day Saddle Champ riding campers only)

5. OPTIONAL – Order Camp T-Shirts, Camp Hats & Custom Name Labels

7. Parental Authorization to Administer Medicines at Camp (Should there be an occasion during the camp season that medicine from home has to be administered at camp.). PLEASE GIVE THE COMPLETED FORM WITH THE MEDICATION EITHER TO THE BUS CAPTAIN OR TO THE OWN TRANSPORTATION STAFF. 

If you need assistance completing any of these forms or if you have any questions please contact the camp office at 905-887-1400 between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

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