• Traditional Camp: Each day, there are two swims (instructional and recreational swim), a lunch period, and five periods filled with fun camp activities.
  • All-Star: Campers completing SK to Grade 1 are placed the Raptors Unit where they experience many of the different sports that All-Star has to offer. Similar to Traditional Camp, every cabin will receive a schedule of sports only, which includes participating in 9 different sports each week along with a daily swim (alternating 3 days of instructional swim and 2 days of recreational swim). Campers completing Grade 2 or higher will participate in 12 different sports. While remaining with their cabin group, the sports programs will offer a mix of skills-based training and competitive team playing against other similarly aged campers. Campers participate in a daily swim, alternating 2 days of instructional swim and 3 days of recreational swim.
  • Cedar Creek: Riders have approximately one hour of an English riding lesson in the morning, one hour of an English riding lesson in the afternoon, stable management, lunch, recreational swim and a craft/sport/drama/co-operative game activity each day.

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