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Eddy grew up in Niagara, he couldn’t afford to go to a day camp however he heard from all his friends about how amazing camp was and how much fun they had. When he was 14 Eddy started working, he went to various camps such as Wahanowin.
A great opportunity arose about in Montreal, he had the chance to purchase property with a partner and they became the first day camp in Montreal. However after 20 years of running the camp the federal government decided to expropriate the property and asked them to vacate. Eddy, still loving camp decided he was going to start up another camp but this time in Toronto.
When he bought the property that is now know as Green Acres it was nothing but a dairy farm and was completely bare except for 2 houses and 2 barns.
“It was a labour of love to build what we have here today”
“It is exciting to see the children everyday and see how the develop and grow as people. I have discovered that children can still have fun with out being plugged in to technology all the time. Kids depend on each other for fun and friendship.”
“I look at Green Acres as one big happy family”
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Thank you to all who came out and for a fantastic night!
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