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No matter what field you are planning to go into, whether it be law, medicine, teaching, business, social work, etc. employers and schools search for candidates with the best leadership abilities and experience as well as strong communication and organizational skills. Camp Green Acres provides its employees with the opportunity to learn and develop these exact skills. Develop Professional Skills So why do people think that working at camp isn’t a real job? Perhaps it’s because working at a job like Camp Green Acres is fun, outdoors, and a great way to make long- lasting friendships. Whether you are a soccer instructor, teaching swim, or a counsellor with the 6 year olds, you will love your job. A summer working at our day camp will allow you to develop the following skills that future employers and schools value. The following tips are a great way to spin a camp job into a great resume:
  1. Leadership skills: Leading and managing a group of 12 children and attending to their daily needs including health, safety, sunscreen, interpersonal relations, and participation.
  2. Communication skills: Strong communication skills learned by communicating with different ages and individuals (i.e. children, peers, and supervisors). Learning to liaise with various departments including swim, office, health centre, and directors.
  3. Being a strong team member: Working directly with supervisors, directors, and 30-40 other staff members developing and following systems to ensure the success of the team. Taking an active role in the group and learning when to lead and when to follow.
  4. Problem-solving, decision making, and conflict resolution: Addressing and managing different personalities, behaviours, and interpersonal challenges within a group of children and handling children with special needs. Dealing with conflict resolution and personality differences among peers and supervisors.
  5. Learning to receive and grow from feedback: Receive mid-term and final evaluations and learn to use this feedback as an opportunity for growth.
Gain Valuable Work Experience Not only will you gain valuable experience for your future, directors also provide references upon request. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of staff members get into teachers’ college, medical school, law school, MBA programs, nursing programs, veterinary school, and achieve countless jobs and professional goals. REACH YOUR POTENTIAL! Apply now at Many jobs are still available and we offer 4, 6 and 8 week contracts. FREE transportation provided throughout many areas of the GTA, York, and Durham Regions.

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