Safe Camp Policy

In every aspect of camp, Green Acres makes safety a top priority. Systems are put into place to provide the utmost safety at camp activities, in the pool and in the sun. We also aim to create an environment where both campers and staff feel safe, confident and excited to come to camp everyday.

This was the case this past summer and we believe it to be true for the upcoming summer as we deal and adjust to the new reality of Covid-19. We have and continue to work very closely with Public Health to implement new systems and safety protocols outlined in the Ontario Government and Ministry of Health Guidelines. We have had to rethink and re-work every aspect of camp to ensure that we comply with the strict guidelines to keep everyone safe!

Having said that, our behaviour policies had to be much stricter this past year and will have to continue to be stricter next summer, as opposed to previous years. Because we have to make sure that cohorts of campers and staff (maximum 15 per cohort) are social distancing from each other and not mixing, we cannot have campers running away from their groups, not following sanitizing procedures or disregarding new safety protocols outlined by their counsellors. The result of not listening or not complying with these rules could put your child, other children and/or staff’s safety, well-being and health in jeopardy. 

Parents, as well, will need to comply with our new safety and social distancing procedures, whether that be at drop off or pick up times or not allowing parents onsite at camp. Again, this is a new reality that we must take seriously both for everyone’s health and in order to keep camp open and running!

As always, Green Acres Day Camp will have zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour of any kind whether that be engaging in any physical and/or verbal action that has intent to harm or has caused harm to another individual.

In the event of not complying with any of the above:

The family will be contacted to discuss the incident and the expected change in behaviour that needs to be taken immediately. While we anticipate being able to provide extra support to campers with challenging behaviours through our one-on-one Leisure Buddy Program, we highly recommend speaking with our Camper Relations Team and/or one of the Directors prior to registration to discuss your child(ren)’s needs. Given the strict Ministry Guidelines, we may recommend starting your child(ren)’s camp enrolment with a Leisure Buddy as we may be unable to accommodate a Leisure Buddy part way through a session. 

That being said, if the Director Team feels that either the parent/guardian(s) or camper’s behaviours compromise the health and/or safety of campers and staff, given the potential very sensitive nature of this upcoming particular season and the essential need for compliance and social distancing, the consequences could range from the immediate pick up of your child from camp up to and including full and immediate dismissal from Camp, at the sole discretion of the Directors.

Again, the goal is to ensure that every camper feels safe and secure in their cabin group (cohort) and that every effort is made to comply with the Government’s strict guidelines. Our combined health and safety, as well as the Camp’s ability to stay open depends on it! While we endeavour to provide everyone with a fun and positive camp experience this summer, we must keep the safety of all our campers and staff top of mind. 

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