Safe Camp Policy

Safe Camp Policy

In every aspect of camp, Green Acres makes safety a top priority.

The Safe Camp Policy is designed to keep everyone safe and comfortable within their social environment at Camp. It covers many different aspects, including but not limited to camper, staff and parent behaviours, Ministry of Health/Public Health safety protocols, camp rules and aggressive conduct. The result of not listening or not complying with these rules could put your child, other children and/or staff’s safety, well-being and health in jeopardy.

The safe camp policy is as follows:

  1. Campers need to follow rules and instructions that are designated by the camp and implemented by their counsellors, instructors, bus, swim and head staff.
  2. Campers, parents and Green Acres Staff must adhere to all health and safety protocols designated by the Ministry of Health and York Region Public Health (including but not limited to not allowing parents onsite, drop off and pick times and procedures, and masking protocols and any other guidelines related to Covid-19 or other communicable diseases).
  3. Green Acres Day Camp will not tolerate aggressive behaviour of any kind from a camper (provoked or unprovoked) whether that be engaging in any physical and/or verbal action that has intent to harm or has caused harm to another individual. This also includes any aggressive behaviour (verbal or physical) from a parent or guardian targeted at ANY of our Green Acres Staff.

In the event of not complying with any of the above:

  1. The family will be contacted to discuss the incident and the expected change in behaviour that needs to be taken immediately. Our Unit Heads, Camper Relations Team and/or Directors work with the parents/guardians to develop a plan with recommended strategies to put in place. The goal is for all the children to be happy and safe at Camp!
    • Depending on the situation, a child with challenging behaviours may benefit from extra support provided by our one-on-one Leisure Buddy Program. This personal counsellor, supported by our Camper Relations Team can help a child that is struggling in a group environment to become successful at Camp! Please note, however, Leisure Buddies are generally hired on an as needed basis and we cannot guarantee that someone will available mid-session. We highly recommend that if you do have any concerns about your child that you speak to one of our Directors or our Camper Relations Team prior to the summer.
  2. Any further incidents will result in the camper being sent home AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT, and parents will be expected to pick up their child within a 90 minute window. Depending on the severity, the child may be asked to stay home from camp the following day (not subject to refunds) to cool off and reflect.
  3. Following this, any further incidents will result in the child’s dismissal from Camp at the sole discretion of the Directors.

That being said, if the Director Team feels that either the parent/guardian(s) or camper’s behaviours compromise the health and/or safety of campers and staff, any of the above steps could be skipped and consequences could range from the immediate pick up of your child, missing a day of camp, or the immediate dismissal from camp at the sole discretion of the Directors.

While we strive to provide every child with a fun and positive camp experience this summer, we must keep the safety of all our campers and staff top of mind.


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