Safe Camp Policy

Safe Camp Policy
In every aspect of camp, Green Acres makes safety a top priority.  Systems are put into place to provide the utmost safety on the bus, in the pool and in the sun.  We also aim to create an environment where both campers and staff feel safe, confident and excited to come to camp everyday.

With that in mind, Green Acres Day Camp will have zero tolerance for aggressive behavior of any kind.  If a camper engages in a physical and/or verbal action that has intent to harm or has caused harm to another individual, the Camp will follow these steps outlined below:

    1. The family will be contacted to discuss the incident.  With the help of our Head Staff, Camper Relations Team and Directors, a positive behaviour plan will be put into place to support pro-social behaviours.  Depending on the nature of the incident, you may be required to pick your child up from Camp.
    2. Should a second incident occur, you will be called and asked to pick up your child at that time.  Your child may be suspended from attending Green Acres for 1-2 days depending on the nature of the incident.  This time allows the camper to self-reflect and for the team to devise a plan for success.  A behaviour plan will be reviewed with the parents and child upon their return to Camp.  This may include the need to move your child to a different program or cabin group.
    3. Should the behaviours continue, you may be asked to provide extra support for your child at Camp through our Leisure Buddy Program (one-on-one counsellor) or asked to terminate your child’s time at Camp. In the case of camper termination, a refund for the remaining days would be issued.


Depending on the severity of the incident, steps 1 & 2 may be skipped at the Directors’ discretion.

Again, the goal is to ensure that every camper feels safe and secure in their cabin group at Camp Green Acres.  While we endeavor to help every child succeed at Camp and to work with campers and families exhibiting negative behaviours, we must keep the safety of all our campers in mind.

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