In Staff
SydneyWhen you think of “home” the words that come to mind are “comfortable”, “safe”, and “welcoming”. Camp Green Acres has come to be my second home for the past 10 years! What started off as a summer job in high school became so much more than that. Every time I walk into the camp, I am instantly overcome with a sense of joy and excitement. Whether you are a staff or camper, Green Acres is a place that is inclusive, warm and where you can truly be yourself. As a summer job, I have learned so much working here – from improving my leadership and communication skills, to helping me decide that I wanted to be a teacher. Walking around camp, seeing the campers faces of joy and happiness brightens my day. As a staff member, whether you are a counsellor, a swim instructor or a sport coach, you make these incredible bonds with the campers – I never would have thought that this would happen in a summer job! The friends that I made at camp my first summer as staff, are some of my best friends today! Yes, I have been a staff at Green Acres for the past 10 years – it’s a real job, but one that is fun and has shaped me into who I am today. You could never imagine what it’s like working outdoors in a beautiful, country day camp setting in Toronto – you have to experience it for yourself! Camp Green Acres will always be known as more than a summer job – it’s my second home no matter where life takes me. Staff applications can always be found here. Sydney Bielas

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